Harper's Bazaar UK September 2018 Floren

Eternal Beauty 

Mixing fashion and royalty rhetoric together to create stunning high fashion cinematic portraits. 

Workshop Details


13-bed Medieval Manor House, Caldicot, Wales



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7/8 Available 


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Our full-day high fashion editorial experience has just landed!

We look forward to welcoming you to our full shooting experience as part of my 'Hosted On Set' workshops. The feel of the workshop will be based on the style of large fashion companies, expect your portfolio to be instantly upgraded. In addition to grabbing a coffee to share hints, tips, and tricks by networking with other photographers, models, and other creative artists on set. 


 Set Up - PM

All photographers will be welcome to stay in the evening the night before, ready to shoot early the following day with no travel stresses. 

 Shoot Day 

9 am - 1 pm

Groups of two split between four 1-hour sessions with all models attending, using the creative space around to capture some powerful images using the mood board for inspiration, tuition will be on hand throughout the day for any queries on the technicals of photography and how to improve your images.

1pm - 2.30pm

Lunch Break

Grab a brew and a bite to eat and if you are feeling chatty make some new friends.

2.30 pm - 5:30 pm

Creative groups will be split up throughout the location, this will be a chance for photographers to switch up styles and add an even more creative flair to their images.

5:30 pm - 7 pm

An evening meal will be Included, critiquing images shot throughout the day this will be followed by a short editing tutorial and free photoshop secret weapon. There will be an option for all crew members to stay the final night to leave before 8.45 am the following morning.

FOR LOVE AND LEMONS _ Bohemian Diesel Bl


Do I need to bring my own camera?

Yes, We do not provide cameras, You will be required to bring a working DSLR camera with other necessary camera accessories (memory cards, chargers, tripods).

Do I need to bring my own laptop?

If you have a laptop for editing please bring this along as we will be sharing editing tips and learning techniques during the evening.


Are we using strobe lighting?

Strobe lighting is optional, we will be shooting predominantly with natural light/reflectors, strobe lighting will not be provided. As part of this workshop, you will see the benefits of natural light and how it creates powerful lighting for your images.

Will refreshments be provided?

Yes, Teas, Coffee, Snacks, and an evening meal will be provided, we advise all attendees to bring drinks and a packed lunch with an overnight-stay bag as accommodation will be part of the workshop.

Do I need to stay over?

You are not required to stay over but get the best out of the experience we recommend doing so.

Who will be staying?

There will be enough room for all crew to stay if needed, all members are welcome to stay but not required.

Do I have to pay the booking deposit and the second payment together?

No, the deposit is necessary to get the location booked and confirmed, after this has happened deposits will no longer be refundable and the second payment will be required before the start date.

If I pay my booking deposit and want to cancel, do I get a refund?

If you have paid your booking deposit and the date has not been confirmed and the location is not booked, yes you will be entitled to a fully refunded deposit.


Why do you not set a date before booking?

When working with large groups we double-check with all crew involved to make sure everyone can commit to a date. We will share all information and vote for a date via a Facebook group which will be created after deposits have been paid.

How do we all stay in touch?

All crew will be invited to join a Facebook Group titled with the name of the workshop and the date when confirmed. This is so there are no lost emails, missed calls, and miss heard information. 

How do I pay?

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will send you a working agreement you need to sign with information on payment. This will also state simple terms of how we run our workshops and what to expect.

Can I pay both the booking deposit and second payment together?

Yes, you can, you will still be sent the agreement to sign beforehand, a full payment can be accepted from this stage.

There aren't any more spaces available, will there be more workshops?

We are aiming to bring more workshops in the near future, with more exciting briefs, locations, and brilliant networking opportunities around the UK and potentially abroad

How much time is expected from paying my booking deposit and the workshop start date?

We aim for around July - September for confirming the booking date which leaves time to plan for travel and any other additional preparations. 

Booking Deposit:


Second Payment:


**Dates will be booked and finalized once all deposits have been received. Communication will be on Facebook as a group. Deposits are refundable before the date has been booked and confirmed. Agreements will be handed out to photographers before any monies are taken, this is to make the planning a smoother process and so we can offer a money-back guarantee. We work on a first-come, first-serve basis when booking slots. If an opening becomes available and you have shown interest the next person in line will get a chance to join the workshop.

*Models will be happy to work up to tasteful loungewear or a style that will match the mood board, any photographer that breaches our model safety standards will have further action taken against them and may incur legal action and additional fees.

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